Heroes Season Three Review


The show Heroes debuted on September 25, 2006. It began by following the lives of a few seemingly ordinary people who started to notice that they were capable of more than they dreamed possible. The first season followed their journey of self-discovery by episodically flipping between the originally unrelated plots of each character, lingering on the difficulties of one character just long enough to let you forget about the cliffhanger of challenges another character was facing the last time you saw them. This formula worked well considering just how interesting each story arc was. So, in the end, the first season was one of the greatest things in recent television history. To everyone’s relief the final episode ended with a set-up for future episodes along with the ubiquitous “To Be Continued.” Three hundred and sixty-four days after the air of the pilot, Heroes resumed, as interesting, funny, and exciting as ever, but fate it seems, would not have it. The original intention was to have another twenty-four-episode season, but due to the writer’s strike, the season was cut to eleven episodes with a rather abrupt replacement ending. This seemed to have been the deathblow to the shows logical flow. Although season three started decently enough, throughout the course of the season’s two volumes, futures were sloppily avoided, friends killed each other, and villains became good guys and then figured “What the heck,” and started killing again. There were so many convoluted little plot points that were explored for a few episodes and then dropped, that it seemed like the writers were just throwing the episodes together one at a time with little idea where they wanted to take the story. There were so many times when a character’s personality would just pull a one-eighty that it was tough to remember if you still liked some people or not. There were, no doubt, some good moments and at the very least Milo Ventimiglia’s character Peter Petrelli has been consistent throughout the series. But, the show seems to have reached its peak and is now making its decent into the void that is a story rife with contradictions and flaws of logic. Maybe you’ve been following this show for a while now; clinging to the false hope that it could get back to the bar it set for itself with the first season. Well unfortunately for you, the season finale proved that the show isn’t going anywhere but down.