Resident Evil 5 Review



So have you heard about one of the most well reviewed, yet least well-received games of the last generation? Well if you’ve never had the pleasure of playing Resident Evil 4, dig out your little brother’s Gamecube and find a copy of it because it’s a truly wonderful experience. At first I was planning on having some honor and holding the newest iteration of the long-running horror powerhouse to a different standard, but there are a lot of reasons the fourth installment outshines the newest offering. Complaint number one: Sheva, while hot, is really more of a nuisance than anything else. Aside from the fact that she constantly shoots blindly through your head to get to the enemies in front of you, she loves to waste green herbs when you’re saving them for a red one, and improving her weapons is just another expense you don’t need. I honestly preferred Ashley, since she was smart enough to stay out of the way when she needed to, and she added a sense of vulnerability. Secondly, the storage and merchant systems have been stripped down to be easier, but at the same time, make less sense. In RE:4 you started with a small case and different weapons took different amounts of space. You could then make your case larger and rearrange your weapons accordingly. Now everything you acquire takes the same amount of space in your unexpandable case. Sure you have two with Sheva, but you have to give her all the guns as well, so it doesn’t really help. The most important difference is in the overall atmosphere. The game just isn’t very scary. Instead of a creepy castle with infested cult members where it’s somehow always dark, you’re outside in the middle of Africa. Not to mention how even the main characters seemed to have a griminess that really gave the game a creepy feel. Now everyone is beautifully rendered. In reality, this game feels more like an action game in the vein of Gears of War than a new Resident Evil game. All that being said, this is not a bad game. As far as the enemies go, there are some truly creative creatures to destroy. The controls are also perfect (yes even without running and shooting at the same time) and the story should make fans happy. Plus, the addition of Sheva makes the co-op for this game a really fun time. In the end, it’s a great game; I just wanted it to make me feel like a little girl again.